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My name is Hayrullah Güneş. As a graduate of the department of fine arts, I developed myself in 3d
design and animation by adapting to new digital trends. As a broadcast designer, I took part in 3d
animation concept development processes in digital agencies for many years.
The idea of the game called “Glopy” came about by chance during a news credits project I worked
The news credits produced a segmented world map. In this process, I asked myself why this should
not be a puzzle, a sliced sphere should have rotated on the horizontal axis to form the picture, a very
simple primitive object, the use of the sphere in this way could be a very simple puzzle but never
done before. However, the creation of just one picture seemed very simple, just a design that
appealed to children. Thinking a little about it helped to develop the idea that a ball could be
delivered to the right hole through different mechanisms between slices. Of course, all of this has
evolved over time, I started to think obsessively and produce new mechanics.
In the meantime, I had never developed a game before, I had no knowledge of coding either. I was
going to have to convince someone for this project, but I was lucky because I had the knowledge to
explain any idea in my head with a visual animation. First, I explained my idea to a friend of a
software developer who was a very talented but low motivated friend. It seemed unconvinced at
first, but I wanted it to be as motivated as I did, and after a couple of days I showed him what it
would look like when the game was over with a beautiful 3d animation just to motivate him. He said,
lets do this as soon as he see it, and we went to the production stage, both of us were doing this job
amateurly, while we were working in our work at the digital agency, we were waiting impatiently for
the end of shift and working on this project when we returned home.
I was sharing ideas with my children about the design and development of the game and getting
ideas. We were testing and checking their playability together, they gave me thousands of ideas on
how to develop a concept in each episode, rocket, toy box, race car etc.
Although it seemed quite simple, very challenging mechanics had to be solved in terms of software at
every step. The friction of the finger should simultaneously rotate the discs in two axes and be able
to do this without error, even though we turned the ball in the direction we want. At the same time,
new mechanics locks in each section should work flawlessly, in addition to all these, the physics
engine should also provide simultaneous control, we entered each stage in a challenging process.
In terms of design, my goal was to make a real wooden toy. It should have been extremely simple
and comfotable to play. The wooden design looked quite impressive, I wanted to integrate this game
with a character and based on the globe, we named the game “Glopy”. We would later learn that
glopy was a strange choice in English, which meant sticky :)). First of all, I designed a three-
dimensional sphere, the whole game would go through this sphere, but when this sphere came to
work properly, I realized that a single sphere would not be enough, there must have been at least 6
spheres. It took us a month to make the first sphere correctly, and making 6 more spheres has grown
the project considerably. Then, I went a long way in modeling spheres, and I made 6 spheres in a
month, but we realized that it would not be enough, it could only be a single level. Then we rolled
out our sleeves up and decided to have a game that will consist of 6 different spheres and different
mechanics in each level. Thus, the project, which we thought would finish in 1-2 months, extended to
a year. We have done many things over and over again. The menu design of the game was made
three times. We constantly forced ourselves to make the game the best possible.
When it was finished, we no longer had the chance to look at a new problem and when we saw that
our last test was working properly, we decided to publish it in the App Store.

But despite all this, we had no experience in marketing. We were very happy to see the game in the
list of favorites after 1-2 months. It was the game of the day in the following months and it was
published on the main page and we celebrated it and started our next project right away.
We considered the comments about Glopy, in general, there were comments that the game was
more challenging than it seemed. We decided to turn to kids and make an easier version, and we
made some challenging mechanics easier to solve. We used new materials other than wood in
design. The glopy junior was ready with a 5-month hard work :) . Now that we dont have a
marketing team, so we are counting on the app, and we hope that this latest game will be promoted
in the store under the name of the story.


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