Tetrax is a new and original block puzzle! Simple and addictive!


The aim is to pop out the blocks at the bottom to open areas that match the blocks coming from above!

If the new block fits into the area you opened, all rows of blocks explode.

Do not rush! The more lines you create, the more points you will earn, of course, the risk comes with it, so be careful. :) If you can achieve this, enjoy the 10x extra points!

With each new level, the shapes will get more difficult and their moving speed will increase.

Keep your other hand ready for beyond level 6th :) If you are a good keyboard user , your condition is ready for this game.

While enjoying this retro futuristic game, browse the different themes in the in-game shop and choose the one that suits you. You can also personalize your game background with stickers.


Note: You can not interact with blocks coming from above!


Tip: While waiting for the next block and try to keep the rows straight and tidy, remove the unnecessary blocks below! Thus, it will be easier for you to open suitable space for the new block. Also, don't forget to check the next block indicator ;)

Tetrax Gameplay

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